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The CITB have changed the way training grants are paid to 'Levy' paying companies. In the future training grant will be automatically paid if the approved training course is delivered by a CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO), and the ATO uploads the delegate information on to the CITB National Training database.

To become an ATO the training provider is required to pay an annual substantial fee to CITB, (unless they are exempt); have all approved courses audited for compliance with CITB national standards; and accept the CITB ATO contract agreement, which includes some liability for the security of the CITB system when uploading onto the database.

Unfortunately we do not believe the changes and contract agreement conditions are fair for us, and have therefore decided that we will not be applying to become an ATO. This means that companies looking to recover grant payments for 'approved courses' will need to use an ATO. CASA Safety Training Services Ltd can still help you with your training needs, and source the ATO as needed, saving you the time and trouble of accessing the CITB ATO Training Providers database.

Remember, if your company is not registered with CITB as a 'levy' payer, or not in the construction sector, training grant (CITB) is not available and therefore you do not need to use an ATO to deliver the training. Not all courses are eligible for training grant, and again you do not need to use an ATO for these course.

Also note that some 'approved' training course may increase in duration to meet the new standards. This will undoubtedly increase the costs, not just of the training course, but also the associated costs of employees being non-productive while being trained.

If you still want CASA Safety Training Services Ltd to help you meet your training needs, even if we might not deliver the training direct, please continue to contact us in the usual ways.

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